Mindfulness Courses

We have a variety of mindfulness workshops, courses , and retreats. 

Our mindfulness courses are inspired by research on mindfulness, and integrates current evidenced based studies, and ancient practices such as yoga, which includes meditation and breath work. 


We hope to integrate the power of mindfulness in everyday life. 

Mindfulness for Women 

If you're an expectant parent or mother check our Mindful Childbirth Preparation workshop, Nourish program, and Women's Wellbeing Retreat.

Anyone wishing to restore and nurture, we'll be offering a seasonal Yin & Seasonal Food Therapy very soon. 

Mindfulness for Everyday Living

A 4 -week course that touches on the pillars of mindfulness, understanding our stress cycle and stress reduction, and mindful practices such as meditation, gentle yoga and restorative yoga, journaling, and many more that can help support you navigate the the ebb and flow of life. 

Learn more about this special course HERE.

Mindfulness for Young Girls

Inspired Girls Leadership is a mindfulness and leadership program for young girls (Tweens & Teens) to help them cultivate self-awareness, leadership qualities. This program is inspired by research on mindfulness for young people. 

Know more about our Jan 2022 School Holiday Workshop for Tweens HERE.

Teens Yoga at School 

Bring the goodness of  yoga & mindfulness to your school! The teen age life is complex and layered. Yoga can bring a sense of wellbeing to our young people as they're going through many changes. 


Yoga provides a non-competitive environment for teens to explore a variety of postures and movement pattern that focuses on building strength, balance and flexibility as well breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques


Our young people will learn techniques to help improve concentration, reduce stress, while fostering connection to their bodies in a loving way. Teens are taught to energise their bodies and calm their minds, enabling them to approach their lives with a fresh, positive outlook and the strong sense of self-worth that comes from emotional and physical wellness.

Contact us if you'd like to offer yoga as a course at your high school. We would love to work with you. Learn more HERE.