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Meaningful May Calendar

31 days to Reconnect and Rediscover Yourself

Embrace daily loving call to actions and reflections points  which will hopefully get you closer to what you value most in life. 

Aligning with your values and allowing them to guide your life choices offers you a solid foundation through life's highs and lows. Your values serve as your internal compass, your light, a guiding force.

Download the FREE calendar

You can save it on your computer or phone. Once you complete the form click on Download. You'll receive your calendar right away.


Inspire others to to participate

Share our website with your friends and get them to join in.


Take your daily dose of inspiration from the calendar

Everyday has a call to action or reflection. If you miss a day it's ok. If you don't resonate with a day it's ok too. Make it work for you. 


Take time to reflect

Embrace some reflection time. You can journal, or chat to your loved ones about it.


Join our online community

Our online Facebook community (Breathing Space Wellbeing Community) is a safe space to share, learn and connect with like minded people. Join in and share your Meaningful May experience. 

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Let's Get Started

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