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Mindfulness for Everday Living

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, stuck, disconnected? Take some time to pause and learn practices, skills and tools to help you approach daily life with mindful awareness.

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

Our Mindfulness for Everyday Living is a 4-week course inspired by the extensive research on mindfulness and how it can aid in stress reduction, depression, anxiety, and help us cope with discomfort or pain in our bodies.


We shall touch on the key pillars and attitudes of mindfulness, what it is and it isn't, understand concepts on stress and emotions and behaviour, learn more about the stress cycle, and practice tools (ie meditation, journal reflection, mindful listening, gentle yoga and restorative yoga) that can help us approach life with compassionate awareness.


With the knowledge and tools gained in this course, you can start to integrate your learnings and practices in your day to day life, be it in parenting, relationships (relational mindfulness), your search for purpose and connection in the work you engage in, your health and many more.


The course will hopefully leave you feeling inspired to approach life with curiosity and hope. You'll have a materials to take home with you.

Our next course is on the 2nd May 2022. This course can be taken in-person or Livestream via Zoom. 

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