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Inspired Girls Leadership

Inspired Girls Leadership program promotes girls empowerment through mindfulness tools and evidenced based information surrounding leadership. Our mission is to educate young girls and provide tools to help them navigate the big, busy and at times  overwhelming world around them. Through our programs, young girls can learn to cultivate self-awareness, resilience, empathy, confidence, and self love, honour their own uniqueness, explore their passions, play, connect with like minded girls and build life long friendships.

Happy Young Girls

The Mindful Girl:
Intro to Mindfulness 

​​Interested in building self-awareness?

This first workshop, Mindfulness 101, is the foundation workshop for our Inspired Girls program. This first layer provides young girls tools to build self-awareness through mindfulness practices. We'll explore movement (yoga and functional movement through play), breath, and meditation.


Self-awareness is key in building leadership qualities. With deep inner knowledge, a better understanding of self, children can gain insight on their thoughts, feelings and actions.  We'll have activities that will explore their unique strengths.

This is also a wonderful time for children to connect with other girls.

Workshops in 2023 TBA

Shine Bright:
Ignite the leader within

​​Shine Bright is the second path in the Inspired Girls Leadership program. The first which is the Introduction to Mindfulness highlights the special and powerful practice of the cultivation of awareness through mindfulness practices such as mindful listening, eating, movement, and applying this sense of listening from within to help identify their strengths, and passions. 

This second path takes the girls towards an exciting journey of self-discovery where we explore leadership qualities and highlight key insights and skills to develop confidence, empathy, connection to self and others,  and resilience in oneself by:

  • Learning how to collaborate with others (synergise)

  • Enhancing communication skills (finding your voice, making friends and conflict resolution)

  • Discovering creative and proactive ways of meeting goals (create healthy habits and vision)

  • Celebrating uniqueness and strengths (body love/body positive)


One day WORKSHOP for Teens 12 - 18 years, 13th Jan 2023. Limited to 10 girls only. 

Happy Teens
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