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Yoga for healthy and happy hips

Unlocking Hip Health: Yoga's Therapeutic Approach

  • Starts 5 May
  • 95 Australian dollars
  • Pacific Highway

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Service Description

Our hips serve as the cornerstone of our body's mobility, balance, and stability, forming a vital link between the spine, pelvis, and surrounding musculature. When our hips become tight, weak, or imbalanced, it disrupts these fundamental functions, leading to compromised balance, inefficient movement, and potential pain in other areas of the body. Moreover, the hips bear significant loads over time, which can contribute to wear and tear, as well as the development of muscular imbalances that may result in dysfunction. Prolonged periods of sitting exacerbate these issues by weakening the glutes and hamstrings while shortening the hip flexors, often culminating in discomfort and pain. Fortunately, yoga and yoga therapy offer effective support for hip health and rehabilitation. Through targeted practices, they enhance hip flexibility, fostering a release of tension in tight fascia. Concurrently, they strengthen key muscle groups to bolster stability and promote optimal hip mechanics, ultimately restoring mobility and balance. This 4-week program will include: - Micro education on hip health and function - Yoga postures to release tight hips and bring a sense of ease and comfort - Postures, yoga and Pilates therapeutics to strengthen hip complex and improve stability - Fascial release to unravel tight fascia that is constricting movement and circulation - Yoga somatics to improve hip mobility - Rehab exercises for post-surgical recovery, osteoarthritis and bursitis

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation If you need to cancel, please give us at least one-week prior notice. We will gladly give you credit for the class. We know that 'life happens', so please let us know as soon as possible by canceling your class ONLINE.

Contact Details

  • Breathing Space Wellbeing Sydney: Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness Course, Pregnancy and PostNatal Specialist, Pacific Highway, Pymble NSW, Australia

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