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The Power of Pausing

Taking time to be slow down, embrace stillness and quiet allows your nervous system to regain balance. By pausing and relaxing, you're able to move into a state of calm providing room for clarity, and creativity to flow. This is what our family needed the most.

We just got back from a few days away in nature as it's always been our family's refuge. I could sense towards the end of the first quarter (March) that I was depleted. I'm still on the mend from burnout from last year, and I knew that it was important to stop. I had to be mindful of what truly needed attention and energy, and consciously step away from overdoing which is my automatic response when anxiety or stress levels are high. That doesn't serve me well as I end up running on adrenalin.

We were privileged to take some time off this school holiday and was able to take a breather from teaching and work outside yoga. We spent time north of NSW and walked the Wonga track at the Dorrigo National Park 1.5 away from Coffs Harbour, and spent some time by the ocean. When our batteries are low, we go back to nature to walk amongst trees, feel the warmth or coolness of the ocean breeze, enjoy the slower pace of life, and experience awe in nature which has shown to have a powerful effect on our wellbeing.

My love for nature, yoga, understanding and experience of stress and burnout, and community inspired me to offer a Nourishing Yoga Day Retreat at the beautiful Our Secret Garden in the Central Coast, NSW, an hour away from our Pymble yoga studio. We all can benefit from slowing down.

There is something truly powerful when practicing yoga amongst nature and intentionally taking time to give back to yourself. It's something I'd love to share with others.

Here are some benefits you may experience when you pause, slow down and retreat:

  1. Helps lower your stress hormones and embrace relaxation. A time off device, pausing from the busy demands of daily life, you can let the ‘rest and digest’ function of your nervous system take the lead. When your nervous system is calm, you have more capacity to avoid reacting out of habit, and instead, to choose a response that is more intentional, effective, and attuned to the situation at hand.

  2. Provides a space for reflection. If you're seeking for answers, working through the ebb and flow of your emotions, coming home to your body through your yoga practice with awareness and compassion, may enhance the overall experience of embodiment. It strengthens your connection with yourself, making you more attuned, gently allowing you to feel, experience, and cultivate trust in what your body is telling you.

  3. Offers insight as you learn new ways to care for yourself in daily life. Do you ever catch yourself, and realise you haven’t taken a deep breath for hours? Through movement and specific breathing exercises (pranayama) you will learn how to re-connect with your body and your breath. You’ll develop greater awareness of your breath and the effects it has on your body and mind. So, once you’re back at home, it’ll be easier to remember to pause, breathe and connect to calm.

  4. Bask in the goodness nature provides. If you feel the need to be outside, surrounded by trees or water, you’ll definitely find some time in our retreat to embrace the healing element of nature.

  5. Provides support as you move and meditate in a group, while sharing that focus and commitment with the people around you. There is power in togetherness which may allow you to reach a deeper state of stillness and peace; and feel closely connected to the others in your group even in silence.

  6. Nourish your body with delicious food crafted with love and care.

Our hope is that you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, and nurtured.

Nourishing Yoga Day Retreat

Our Secret Garden , Central Coast

21st May , 10 am - 5:30 pm

This retreat will be led Breathing Space (Pymlble) founder, senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist, Michelle Papa. Food by Kimberly Ashton and SoundBath by Tonnie McDougall.

Find out more here.

What's included:

  • Two (2) nourishing yoga classes (Morning yoga flow & Evening restorative yoga w/ SoundBath)

  • Embracing heart centred stillness through 2 meditation classes (one SoundBath Meditation)

  • Breathwork practices (Pranayama)

  • Reflection & Journaling

  • A backdrop of yoga philosophy

  • Morning and afternoon tea and snacks, delicious and nourishing lunch prepared by Kimberly from QiFoodTherapy

  • Free time for walks, rest, or a trip to the beach (15 mins away)

  • Lots of opportunity to drop into a sense of openness, insight, relaxation, connection and laughter too

  • Our B.Space zen bag with some goodies from local businesses

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