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Winter Wellbeing Offering

Winter is upon us.  Feel held and supported during this time.

We are excited to launch our special offering for you  this season to help you look after your wellbeing during winter.


For 30 days you will have access to : 


  • Unlimited Yoga. Yoga can support your immune system. You can attend In-person and/or Livestream. You can mix it up . If you can't make it our Livestream classes, a recording will be sent your way. You have 3 days to access and practice at home. 

  • Self-care package (candle & tea)  which you can pick up at the space or we can deliver it to your home .

  • Online weekly  Wellbeing Talk Series for 10 days: Topics range from mental health, food and nutrition, Ayurveda, mindfulness, importance of rest, connection to purpose & values and many more . Once you purchase your pass you'll be given access to a private site where you can view and listen to our recorded talks. Check our weekly talk series schedule below and speaker profile. 

  •  1:1 60 minute yoga therapy or coaching session with Michelle. Topics can range from personalising  yoga practice,  yoga therapy, aligning values, work and passion (Michelle has over 25 yrs work experience both corporate and start up businesses), mindful pregnancy,  birth and parenting and others.... you can make it your own 

  •  Join one of our monthly Women's Circle at the space. Gather with other like minded women. First one is on the 29th June.

What's next? ​

  • Purchase your one month pass by heading to Pass & Pricing  by clicking the button below

  • Choose a start date beginning June 19th to August 1st

  • We will be in touch with you once purchase has been completed to arrange pick for your self-care package and your 1:1 with Michelle. 

I have an existing pass, what do I do?  

If you have an existing pass, we can hold that pass for you,  and you can avail of our winter offering .

Email us at for questions.

Cozy Winter
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