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Beat the Winter Blues

We’ve got ideas to help you feel nurtured and nourished during winter.

1.) Get Active and Social. There are indoor activities to embrace over winter, such as yoga, bowling, dancing, soccer and so on. The key is making your winter activity enjoyable and social. Movement contributes to our physical and mental wellbeing. 2.) Keep warm. Get your winter clothing ready. Rug up, and when it's not raining, go for a walk. It may be that you walk to your local neighborhood shops, or ask your friends to go for a nice leisurely stroll. If the sun is out, enjoy its warmth. Light is a great mood booster. 3.) Enjoy warm food and eat seasonal. Stews and soups are warming. Add your favourite seasonal vegetables, some beans, lentils, for fiber. It's quite common for our food taste to change during seasonal shifts. Grapefruit, kiwifruit, mandarins and oranges are all delicious and in season over winter. Try involving fruit in your breakfast if you’re not already, and add an extra serve of vegetables to each main meal. Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower are great winter vegetables, particularly for soups. 4.) Get quality rest. It's inviting to stay in bed during this season. Maybe it's calling us to slow down and get quality rest. Create a sleep routine, take less caffeinated drink, maybe more herbal tea, enjoy a warm shower before bed, and some gentle soothing breath work practice. Rest, rest, rest. However, make sure you move your body daily. Movement helps beat the winter blues. Move in a way that feels good for you.

May and June Winter Courses We are excited to be offering special courses coming up this week and in June. We now accept Active Kids Voucher for our Teens Yoga course. Email at should you wish to use your voucher. Deep Rest: Sound Healing & Meditation with Kimberly and Roll and Restore (Myofascial Release: upper body) with Carol are especially nurturing for the winter season.

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